When is the Wii U coming out in the US and around the world? Specs, prices, release date US, Europe and Japan –Technologies Cutting Edge–

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Long time childhood friend Nintendo, is coming back with a new home console, the successor of Nintendo Wii, the Wii U. Clearly Nintendo lacked of creativity when choosing the name, but they indeed did a perfect job when crafting this new piece of cutting edge art. It finally displays 1080p resolution (which predecessor, Nintendo Wii lacked of) via HDMI output, High definition tablet/controller (another sort of ‘hybrid’ device) that would work wirelessly like a Wii Mote with buttons like a controller and a second gaming screen in the middle, capable to extend display for a second screen for enhanced view, maps, inventory, and even to keep playing while turning the TV off or switching to another input.
Wii U will be backwards compatible with Wii games, Wii Motes and such accessories. It won’t be backwards compatible with GameCube at all, but games can be downloaded via virtual console.


Wii U is backwards compatible with Wii Controllers


The specs of the Nintendo Wii U are the following:
• CPU: IBM Power7-based multicore processor (no info on clock speed is available yet)
• GPU: Custom AMD high-definition GPU
• Storage: 8GB or 32GB of internal SSD, with the option to expand via SD card and external USB drives
• Networking: 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, plus optional Ethernet connection via USB dongle
• Connections: Four USB 2.0, one SD card slot, AV multi-out port, supporting composite/component/VGA, HDMI 1.4 port, internal NFC sensor
• Audio: Six-channel PCM linear output via HDMI, or analog via AV multi-out

Additionally, it comes with amazing 2GB of RAM, compared to 256MB that Sony’s PS3 has, no Blu-ray playback though disc reader speed will be of 25MBps compared to Xbox 360 15MBps and PS3 at 9MBps, meaning better and faster loading times compared to the competition.


Yes, you can use 2 of these at the same time with the Wii U

Beautiful high-definition screen the new Wii U game pad tablet/controller/handheld (how in the world can we categorize it?) can be used along with the Wii Motes and the new pro controller, very similar to the one launched for the Nintendo Wii and also very familiar in design with the Xbox 360, which would make some gamers very happy!
Finally a 1080p resolution that is not confirmed yet to support stereoscopic 3D. We have seen how PS3 have integrated 3D technology seamlessly even selling their own TVs and glasses for it. We have a few games (and list increases) for PC capable of display native 3D that certainly add value and effects to the gaming experience; Crysis 2 or Batman Arkham City 3D graphics in PC can make you cry out of joy. But why hasn’t Nintendo say anything about 3D? Though it was wide mentioned before, approving the idea of native 3D support, nobody has any clue now, even though most think it is unlikely for Nintendo to include them since with the Wii U Game Pad you will have to see 2 screens while on 3D mode and it would be disturbing since it’s too expensive for developers as well for end users to have 3D in the Game Pad too (Nintendo 3DS price would have to decrease considerably, even the new XL) Most consider 3D being indispensable and in fact, disturbing for hardcore gamers but for me, personally, it was a selling point since HD resolution y 3rd party games should have been part of Nintendo Wii back on 2006.

We have had huge console hits before like the first 3 Nintendo consoles, Nes, Snes and N64, being the last one, a major hit that changed the way we used to game forever. GameCube was a good challenger while Wii hardware, graphics and games wise was a real let down. I own one, I love it. I have played exclusive Nintendo franchises like Mario games (all), The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Wii Sports, etc. but when it comes to real hardcore games I go either PS3 or PC for Fifa, Call of Duty, Need for Speed, etc. I remember back in the N64 days, I used to only own 1 console and be more than happy with that.

Nintendo-Wii-U-Fifa-13-enhanced view-Wii-U-Gamepad

Nintendo Wii U and Fifa 13: like a wish come true to manage formations without having to pause the game!

Nintendo claim they are not challengers; they are different. They don’t expect you to find the same games other consoles have, they expect you to have a different gaming experience that makes them unique, and more suitable for every home in the world where from son to grandpa can come together and have fun. Indeed, despite the lacks and cons Nintendo has faced with Wii, they are the leaders in current generation console sales around the world, far ahead than the competition. Even with that said and being very reasonable, Wii U specs are fantastic enough for 3rd party developers to shift their efforts back again to Nintendo bringing those games back, and now, with superb graphics and capability.


Wii U 8GB storage starting at $299 pricetag

Release date for America is set to November 18, Europe for November 30 and Japan until December 8. Prices are, for the US, $299 for the white version with 8GB of storage and $349 for the black 32GB version. Europe prices will be €299 – £249 for basic white and €349 – £299 deluxe black and for Japan Wii u will cost ¥26250 white 8GB and ¥31500 black 32GB.

Unfortunately, Stacy Keibler is ‘sold separately’…

Hope we get to see some nice 3D graphics as well as an excellent overall gaming experience. With all this said, start saving and mark your respective date in the calendar in whatever region you live, because I have the feeling that this time Nintendo might be a huge success.

Deluxe Version of Nintendo Wii U

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