Nintendo Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3, PC specs comparison: Will Wii U be able to compete with 4th generation consoles?-Release date and Specs

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Nintendo, the worldwide leader in home consoles comes back with a new and improved way to play, a revolutionary cutting edge entertainment system: Nintendo Wii U. This new Nintendo console is said to be a powerhorse with amazing specs that will improve the gaming experience along with its new-in-the-market, Wii U gamepad which consists in a (sort of) tablet/handheld with a HD screen in the middle and controller sticks, pads and buttons on each side, being the screen some kind of main screen extension, second screen or it gives you the ability to have whether in-menu settings to choose or a wider viewing angle. Nintendo Wii U release date is set for the US on November 18, November 30 in Europe and December 8 in Japan.

Wii U will be backwards compatible with Wii games, Wii Motes and such accessories. It won’t be backwards compatible with GameCube at all, but games can be downloaded via virtual console.


Wii Mote compatible with Wii U, excellent if you have plenty of them!

The specs of the Nintendo Wii U are the following:
• CPU: IBM Power7-based multicore processor (no info on clock speed is available yet)
• GPU: Custom AMD high-definition GPU
• Storage: 8GB or 32GB of internal SSD, with the option to expand via SD card and external USB drives
• Networking: 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, plus optional Ethernet connection via USB dongle
• Connections: Four USB 2.0, one SD card slot, AV multi-out port, supporting composite/component/VGA, HDMI 1.4 port, internal NFC sensor
• Audio: Six-channel PCM linear output via HDMI, or analog via AV multi-out

Additionally, it comes with amazing 2GB of RAM, compared to 256MB that Sony’s PS3 has, no Blu-ray playback though disc reader speed will be of 25MBps compared to Xbox 360 15MBps and PS3 at 9MBps, meaning better and faster loading times compared to the competition.


Zombie Gameplay


Nevertheless, there is a big misunderstanding when comparing the specs the Wii U has to modern computing. When you game in a PC you’re better off with a quad-core processor with 3GHZ acceleration and above, plus 6GB and ahead of RAM and 1.5 to 2GB of high speed core clock GPU to run the latest games in the market with no lag, no frames per second drop and superb graphics. Wii U’s IBM processor is below the comparison just made with a tri-core processor that would never match a Intel core i7; 2GB of RAM that we can tell is lower than 6, and a GPU that is somewhat comparable with AMD HD 7000 series which sounds amazing and is up to pair to current technology. Truth is, developers optimize games for consoles. When it comes to PCs, games run ‘raw’ and expect their requirements to be fully emulated while on consoles, they have been optimized to present the same gaming experience on lower specs. Note: This is a very VAGUE analogy, but you get the point!


Nintendo Wii, PS3(original), Xbox 360

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PS3 have very comparable specs with each other, that’s why games tend to appear on both consoles (unless proprietary) and graphics are relatively similar. It is said that Xbox 360 is the best because it has 6X AA sampling compared to PS3 going only up to 4X AA. That’s in good English, what gives graphics a little ‘smoother’ view, with less hard lines and blur effects and shadows are real life feel. Both can display resolutions of 720p upscaling to 1080i, note that 1080i is not real HD, not full 1920 x 1080p, but not really noticeable to the naked eye, while computers can display up to 2560 x 1440p and sample AA up to 16X IF available for the game and if the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) allows and handles that kind of performance. Nintendo Wii (current Wii) is able to display only up to 480p, it is, by far a huge let down for graphic lovers and enthusiast but Nintendo have focused their efforts in gameplay experience and not in graphics, tactic that somewhat has worked but has as well let many customers disappointed, comparing Nintendo with 2nd Gen of home consoles (1st Gen 3D gaming counting from N64, PS1, DreamCast era) like the PS2, original Xbox and criticizing Nintendo’s few improvements from GameCube. The truth is, sales say it all, Nintendo has been by far well above current Gen consoles in units sold around the world, thanks to its original gameplay and fairly low price compare to competitors. Nonetheless, upcoming Nintendo Wii U is sad to be as many as 3 times more powerful than the Xbox 360, having 2GB of RAM compared to 512MB Xbox has. Central Processing Unit (CPU, Processor) is not the very best or the latest thing around, but developers manage to fully optimize juice all the power they need from the amazing GPU and amount of RAM. Wii U will be able to display full HD 1080p and sample up to 8X AA.

Must be asking yourself the question: “-Amazing GPU? AMD HD 7XXX series are so 2011”.

Yes, they are, but remember, this is not a PC, it’s just a gaming console with games optimized to run better with less system requirements and lower specs to have a start-to-end fluid gaming experience, plus, AMD HD 7XXX series GPU is still sitting at the top until AMD releases its new line, and not everybody can have the pleasure to game on their PC’s with one of them.


The Legend of Zelda HD for Wii U coming soon!

With all this been said, we can expect Nintendo Wii U to become a solid competitor for the current generation consoles and gaming platforms. Certainly PC takes always all the credit for gaming graphics, unlimited frames per second, lighting fast to no game loading time and the ability of whether using 2560 x 1440p high resolution or dual, triple monitor, all depending in the computer specs and capability to display and handle such customizations, but gaming console new monster in town is called Wii U.


Gaming experience on a PC will always be far superior than consoles, but set up all this makes consoles a simpler choice.

What we are not so sure, is how competitive Wii U can still be when Microsoft and Sony retaliate with a newer console hitting the market, that we are yet to see what these companies come up with. Nintendo Wii U release date is set for the US on November 18, November 30 in Europe and December 8 in Japan.

Deluxe Version of Nintendo Wii U

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