Netfront NX HTML5 browser for Nintendo Wii U means…no flash plugin!

Posted: November 11, 2012 in Uncategorized
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WiiU-html5-BrowserNetFront NX is the Wii U’s internet built-in browser that won’t allow plugins and will be HTML5 technology, facing the future of browsing while being a letdown for the fair amount of websites that still haven’t switched to it yet.

We see the integration of web browsers in most ‘smart’ devices in the market for the past few years, from refrigerators, smart TVs to game consoles. Nintendo Wii browser was powered by Opera which was a good deal, yes, back in 2006. These days browsers should meet some compliance and compatibility such as plugins and definitely flash! But flash days are about to be over, therefore we face the limbo between flash plugin into the total transition to HTML5 which promises to render pages, images and video players faster and more secure than just flash plugin.

Examples of this kind of browser we can see on new smartphones like Android OS and Apple’s iOS like the iPad, iPhone, iPod etc. Most browsers are switching to plugin-less mode which improves speed and a more secure experience and video sites like YouTube are starting to support given technology.

nintendo-wii-u-html5-browserIs it good or bad for Nintendo using HTML5? No, in fact, it is futuristic, but a halfway solution such as Microsoft’s hybrid iE10 (HTML5 with built in flash plugin) could have given Nintendo a better customer experience and another reason for gamers to prefer Nintendo’s new console. My point of view is, game consoles are for gaming, PC’s are for computing. Browsing the web is indeed mostly part of PC usage but it’s getting integrated within all kinds of internet capable devices. For best results, you can always turn to a computer; for some casual internet you can use a smartphone, smart TV or even a game console. HTML5 with flash or not, it wouldn’t have hurt AT ALL for it to be featured in Nintendo Wii U’s Netfront NX browser, instead, it would have been an advantage!

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