Microsoft Windows Surface RT sales are kept private: Is Microsoft under-confident about its own product?

Posted: November 7, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Surface RT

Windows Surface RT tablet, released on October 26 along with Windows 8 is doing great in sales according to various analysts. They base their research conclusions in the amount of new traffic Microsoft’s webpage and Microsoft stores across the US are experiencing. No specific numbers have been provided by Microsoft nor there is any data available from other retailers since Microsoft decided to sell their new tablet themselves. So far, there are no plans in seeing the Windows Surface sharing shelves with the iPad and other Samsung or Google tablets in stores like Best Buy, although this might change in the future.
What makes this tablet so exclusive that only Microsoft stores and online can sell it? Nothing, in fact, it sounds more like a trial and error to keep in secret how good or bad sales are doing, to see if the Surface tablet is a strong competitor in the market, comparable to Samsung, Google, Apple and Amazon tablets or not. If there is any disastrous, shaming sale rate, that could damage the Microsoft’s image and its attempts to conquer the tablet world.

So confident huh? Why isn’t it on major retail stores yet?

Besides operating systems, software solutions and gaming like Xbox and Kinect, Microsoft products are known to be less popular or a total failure. Even when the specs, overall build and design of the Windows Surface RT tablet are good enough to be a solid competitor in the market, is Microsoft ‘skeptical’ about its own child? If they keep the secrecy about sales and exclusivity about the product, then most likely their not confident enough and sales are not doing that great as analysts suggest. If we see the Windows Surface RT tablet hitting all other retail stores not associated with Microsoft, then it became a big hit and it was doing well enough, unless they’re doing this for now and changing their strategy when they finally release their long waited Surface Pro!

Cool colors to choose from

Just some thoughts, nothing official here. Please, your welcome to share your opinion!

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