iPad 4th Generation and iPad mini Release date November 2: Review, Specs and Rumors.

Posted: November 3, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Ipad 4, iPad mini and iphone 5

With all the hype around the world for the iPad mini, some come to the idea that the iPad mini is the fourth generation of iPad, meaning, iPad 4 is the iPad mini. Mostly, confusion might arise from the fact that, there is a whole year window release between every generation of the revolutionary, cutting edge device. What is the iPad 4 the iPad mini? No, not at all, iPad mini is indeed a solid built device with promising features including stereo speakers and most of the amazing well known features the average user need and more, previously seen on the iPad 2, but it’s indeed, a baby’s toy compared to the amazing, full version, full size (9.7 inch) iPad 4 which is also already out “in stores”.

iPad 4 and iPad mini release date: November 2: In stores now!

The amazing iPad 4 has a beautiful eye indulging high definition retina screen of 2048 x 1535 pixels, which is, for example, far superior and brighter than the latest LED HDTV in the market, and pardon me if I go too far, but that’s a lot to say for a portable device that alongside has a very fast processor (double the speed of the previous iPad 3) including beautiful, well integrated iOS 6. It’s simply a beast of a mobile processor and a workhorse tablet that will indeed give Microsoft a very bad, hard, difficult time competing against the Windows Surface RT tablet. Microsoft is beaten in this round until they unveil more details and a release date for the Windows Surface Pro which is rumored to run full Windows version on an Intel Core i7 3rd generation processor. But as of now, iPad 4 wins hands down, and as an enthusiast “Videophile” myself, a LED full HD of 1920 x 1080 can’t pair the beautiful 2048 x 1535 retina display the iPad 4 packs.

Ipad 4 beautiful retina display

As for the iPad mini, is a very suitable device for people that needs something lighter, smaller though eye catchy that provides way more functionality and screen size than a normal smartphone with the reliability of Apple and its successful cutting edge iOS 6, having almost the same specs of the iPad 2 but with obviously, 2.2inch size reduction while weight is cut by half in the iPad mini, making it even lighter than some high end smartphones in the market with far superior functionality.

Ipad 4 release date

Those of you who feel cheated for a short release timing and consider you can’t afford upgrading your hardware every 6 months, consider also, that technology these days evolves in a blink of an eye, from night to day, and what is trendy today, is phased out tomorrow. Definitely, Apple knows this, and iPad 4th generation and iPad mini are a true example of this. Release date was November 2 and it rumors both devices with their multiple hardware configuration have gone out of stock, so be alert and do your research to obtain yours just in time for the holidays!


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