Windows 8 Hybrids: The most sofisticated and eye catchy gadgets for the Holidays

Posted: October 27, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 11

The word hybrid has been well mainstreamed for the past decades in the form of a product or service that may include the “the good from both worlds” when it comes to comparable technology. It’s referred as to “experimental” cutting edge fusion of 2 or more similar things to produce a better approach or simply wider range in given approach; a balance that eases the transition between current technology to new-to-explore technology for any number of facts. Electric cars are a solution for high gasoline prices and environmental matters but not so easy to produce and even worse, afford! Therefore, hybrids cars have appeared while we transition to electric cars, a fusion between gasoline and electric cars. In good English, hybrid computers are so eye catchy because the have the good and portability of a touch screen tablet and the functionality, productivity and connectivity that a laptop has. Microsoft first approach to this sort of hardware dates back in the early 2000’s decade with a heavy tablet model running Windows XP. It was that much of a disappointment that most people don’t even know it ever existed.

A decade later we get the big flow of great tablets since the first generation of iPad hit the stores back in 2010. The first and most successful device in its category that took over the undiscovered market until today. We have Android tablets as well, that have somewhat challenged Apple’s conquer in the market followed by last place, Microsoft tablets and hybrids. There is a wide range of tablets and hybrids release with Windows 7 pre-installed that were more of a suffering to use due to Windows 7 being not natively optimized for touch screen devices.

Ready for Holiday shopping? Microsoft’s newly released operating system has brought a wide variety of revolutionary, cutting edge computers with it. New desktop models and laptops have shipped today from many retailers online as well as people has gone in masses to their Windows Store or independent retailer. Yes, we do have a long list of tablets specially designed for Windows 8 but have you ever considered the “Hybrids”? Here are some of the most cutting edge models:

Sony Vaio Tap20. The Most complex hybrid so far!

Has a swappable battery? Really? I thought it was just an All-In-One PC. Well, this one is a tablet, a huge one! With 20inch screen and a built in stand, sure anybody can get confused. Comes with an Intel Core i5 processor, keyboard, mouse and power core to be a standalone desktop computer. Its weight is around the 11 pounds. Yes, too heavy to be treated as a normal tablet but not so heavy to put on your lap or watch a movie on your bed, with full HD and a pretty big screen. Its price is a little of a letdown, at $999 you can find better solutions or most appropriate ones, maybe, but you can’t find the stylish design the Sony Vaio Tap 20 offers.

MSI Slider S20

Yes, it slides its keyboard underneath to make it a true tablet or just slide it out to have a convenient keyboard. It has a screen resolution of 1366 x 760 pixels making it just perfect to run Windows 8. Comes with third generation Core processor Ivy Bridge, HDMI port, USB and Ethernet. Pretty convenient huh?

Dell XPS 10

With a 10.1 HD LCD screen and a Snapdragon S4 Processor dual core at 1500MHZ. This has a pretty convenient hardware to run Windows RT on a built in 32 or 64GB storage. It has detachable keyboard and price ranges from $500.00 to $600.00.

Toshiba Satellite U925T

It’s a laptop, they say! Well, it’s another convertible that slides it’s keyboard but leaves the screen unprotected. Comes with a Core i5 at 1.7GHZ, 128GB SSD, Windows 8 (Core) in a 12.5 inch screen. With a price of $1,149.00 I’d rather pass, not without noticing its beautiful strong build.

Sony Vaio Duo 11.6 inch

Between the thin line of a light laptop and a heavy tablet we have this excellent desing. Packed with a Core i5, 128GB SSD and 6GB of RAM is not at all bad. Not in the top of the hardware mountain but, hey, it’s a tablet.

Dell XPS 12 Notebook

Certainly my favorite design. It resembles the revolutionary built of its oldest cousin, the Inspiron Duo, a hybrid convertible tablet/laptop which failed horribly in sales and performance besides its beautiful design (now saved and loved thanks to Windows 8) Dell finally got back on track building this tasty device that flips the screen to clos to a tablet or to be a laptop. Going from the mediocre previously used Intel Atom to a beast of a processor, a Core i7 and a SSD of 256GB we get to see this hybrid as top of the line compared to other devices, well done Dell, Finally.

And at last but not Least, the one leading the whole Windows 8 Committee

Windows Surface with variety of keyboard colors to choose from

Originally unveiled as RT and Pro versions, so far they have launched the RT only (limited to new interface only) and no details have been said about the Pro version. I guess we’re yet to see, but in no time iPad would strengthen its grip in the tablet market if Microsoft doesn’t do anything about this. Anyway, the surface has just 1366 x 768 pixels screen, a little more than half the iPad 3 has iPad 4 will, but Microsoft claims to have worked deeply into the darks and whites in the screen to make it better than the competition. Colorful covers/keyboards, running an ARM processor, 32-64GB storage, 2 720p cameras (front and rear) and very good connectivity, it is a great deal starting at $499-$699. There is no doubt there is something in the works for the Pro version, but its price would reach the sky with the specs Microsoft mentioned it would have. Well, let’s wait.

The most cutting edge devices called hybrids are out, all running Windows 8. You should include any of the mentioned here or out the plenty Microsoft and other companies have been working on.

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