Microsot Windows 8 Released: The Cutting Edge Operating System That Will Define The Future of Computers

Posted: October 26, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Windows 8 release date times square NY

Times Square, NY. Microsoft launched its new Windows 8 operating system along with the Windows Surface RT tablet at the midnight of October 26, 2012.

Windows 8 release date times square NY Colorful celebration took place at Times Square, NY


Windows 8 Pro screenshot

Windows 8 Pro: kicking it with the future!

Cutting edge Windows 8 is finally out after a long road in the developing process or more than a year and thanks to the dedicated developer team, independent developers working in apps for the Windows Store and the input and feedback from consumers trying the preview releases for free. We have had Developer Preview, to encourage developers to help and put their coding to work helping build the new OS, Consumer Preview, for everybody to check what the new OS would look like and then we had Release Preview, a closer look to the final product. RTM versions flooded the net for the past 2 months after Windows 8 reached the final build and was Released to Manufacturer, also, we have seen a version of W8 Enterprise N that was given to developers free to try for 90 days period.

We can see now those TV commercials and news all over the net about. It’s a big day for Microsoft, for good or bad, who knows, we’ll see. It’s too early for a prediction although there are very radically different points of view from users and enthusiasts. We’ve seen the new and beautiful Windows Surface RT demoed in New York City yesterday, with its eye catching colors and slick design that lead us to believe on a possible share increase for Microsoft in the tablet market as well as Apple unveiling its 4th generation of iPad. As personal experience concerns, Windows 8 hasn’t fixed anything that was broken with Windows 7; there are plenty of very handy features added, but nothing major has changed in terms of productivity, instead, integration might be the word that describes the transition between both operating systems, and for me it has been flawless! Once you get used to the new things and way to operate it, you would find it attractive, rock solid, convenient and most likely you would never want to go back.

Windows 8 Pro DVD

Windows 8 Pro DVD

But along comes the question, which version should I go with? Alright let me explain.

There is Windows RT, Windows 8 (Core), Windows 8 Pro, and Windows 8 Enterprise, but the enterprise is not meant for end user (doesn’t come with “multimedia pack” even though you can install it from Microsoft page). Let’s stick with the consumer versions:

The only way you can get this is purchasing a tablet running ARM processor, a mobile variation with low power consumption, ideal for web browsing, multimedia usage like movies, music, pictures, video etc. just like you would use any other tablet like iPad or Android powered device. It comes preloaded in this new (to Microsoft) architecture and it’s locked to only use Metro UI apps, therefore, if you wish to use the legacy desktop UI that comes in Windows 8, these are neither the device, nor the version to look forward to.

This is the basic economical version, has everything included as in desktop or Metro UI, IE10 for desktop too, capable of running Firefox or Chrome as a regular computer and compatible with x86 Intel and AMD processors architecture. It lacks of the famous “Windows Media Center Pack” for Windows Media Center and native DVD playback.
For enthusiasts and advanced users. It actually has everything the core version has plus being “upgradeable” with the Windows Media Center pack which Microsoft sells separately. For me, it is a bit worthless having to upgrade to something you might never use. DVD playback is possible via other solutions like PowerDVD that also plays Bluray discs or even VLC player. There are plenty of solutions and no additional feature would be included if upgraded. I am yet to discover what other feature Windows 8 might be bundled with but I would consider it as the best choice.

Now, there are couple of limited time offers for upgrades. For people that bought a Windows 7 PC from June 2, 2012 and ahead, they can upgrade to Windows 8 for just $14.99 until January 31st, 2013. People who is currently running Windows XP, Vista and 7 can download an upgrade for $39.99 or the DVD for $69.99 INCLUDING the Windows Media Center Pack for Windows 8 Professional until January 31st, 2013. After that the final prices will be $69.99 for download and $199.00 for the DVD while Windows 8 Core DVD is set to be at $99.00-$139.99. The best prices ever set for a Windows operating system of all time. Considering how great it looks, how solid it feels, how integrated between cutting edge luxury, functionality and productivity, and how low the prices are, it is impossible to say no to a transition.


Windows Surface RT running Windows 8 on a ARM chipset

So whether you go RT, Core or Pro, you won’t be disappointed with the cutting edge features, quality and revolutionary technology that Microsoft Windows 8 has to offer now, and for the years to come!




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