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Very informative article. Though there are much more competitive features Windows 8 has to offer, there are also more disappointments for some others. That’s always happened since there are a huge amount of people still using Windows XP. We all have different tastes and point of view!

Everything Express

Windows Store AppsYou would think a company that considers itself good at marketing could at least name its products. There’s a new entry in the Microsoft Encyclopedia of Dumb. Windows 8 ‘Metro‘ apps will now be called Windows Store apps. Maybe.

In August, Microsoft made known that ‘Metro‘ was ‘only a code name’ for the new Windows 8 user interface (‘Metro UI’ or ‘Metro-style’ interface), apps (Metro apps) and the design language itself (Metro). Since then the term ‘Modern UI’ has been bandied about to describe the flattened, Fisher Price, pastel-coloured, Live Tiles interface and design.

Only that’s not the official new name either. Journalists, sources and Microsoft staff keep referring to Metro. Confusion reigns.

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