Government Spying on You with Hidden Cameras Around the World!

Posted: October 18, 2012 in Uncategorized
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It is well known that there are some surveillance cameras in major cities around the world. Some of them help catch criminals and are also an outstanding detective’s resource. Only in Times Square, New York, for example, there are around 500 cameras located around the 2 blocks wide and 3 blocks long approximated area.

Cities like London, Los Angeles, Chicago, Tokyo, Madrid, Paris, Moscow etc. are full of these very “helpful” cameras designated to catch criminals and prevent terrorism. But are not they really intrusive to the unbearable, overwhelming, scary extreme?

Looks like these hidden cameras (and some in sight) have the ability to catch more than a face shape, but eye color, hair color, skin tone, and then to be compared with a data based run by the government in place. There are intended, for example in NYC, to detect terrorist activity yet they pay close attention to people that look right to the visible cameras, do faces, get surprise or disgusted to see one or just…maybe, show their middle finger (yes I have felt very tempted) to be further investigated and under alert for being potential terrorists. They simply wire the information and characteristics of an individual through the existing data based to be compared if there is any activity of them somewhere else around the globe. He he, you thought that people knows you went to Paris for your honey moon or went last winter for vacation to nice and warm Hawaii because you posted it on Facebook and Tweeter? Yes, social media makes all you want to talk about and mention public, but chances are that, the Powers That Be, have tracked you all along since you took that plane; maybe even you came out of your house! Isn’t that intrusive?

Well ladies and gentlemen, it is called Trapwire! Trapwire is a system run a U.S. firm in Abraxas. A system that connects hundreds and hundreds of civilian cameras (the inoffensive ones you see) and wire them to a sole system capable of fetching data of more than 10Gbps. Considering how images can range from some Kilobytes to few Megabytes, this system run probably by several hundred servers can really receive an immense load of data from hidden cameras, civilian cameras and even ignorant security companies that might share their data without even knowing it. For New Yorkers, there is a local channel that only has images of New York City taken by live cameras 24/7 right? So you can check how Times Square looks, Brooklyn Bridge, Long Island Expressway, etc. Next time you see one of those, don’t smile for whoever is watching you on TV, smile for the nice people behind a desk trying to figure out if you’re a terrorist or not.

The truth is, all this has been leaked thanks to Good Guy Wikileaks, who has been exposing all this crimes to society from the governments around the world. There are some leaked e-mails sharing all this information and how it is supposed to work with all details. Some other things as “false positive flags” have been mentioned and described as incriminating innocent people with terrorism for the sake of saying it exists and Homeland Security is working hard and preventing “real” things from happening. Must of us know the truth about 9/11 and Osama Bin Laden, but it doesn’t concern to this moment, time and publishing space to talk about.

NYC Skyline on 9/11/2001

Well said!

We know that there are cameras on banks, ATMs, malls, bus, trains, movie theaters and such places for civilian safety. Although we can see stories on TV and the newspapers about how this is and effective method to prevent and prosecute crime, it is also a way to monitor human activity as if we were lab rats seeing from above for a group of crazy scientist that look for nothing but experiment with our lives.

Since the moment that their used for face recognition and log civilian’s activity we can determine that something is wrong with that and it has deeper intentions. These documents were released by Wikileaks stating how even the CIA is involved in this privacy invasion. According to the company’s own documents from 2007, TrapWire is ‘a unique, predictive software system designed to detect patterns of per-attack surveillance.’ This includes ‘photographing, measuring and signaling’. It goes deeper than that; it has disturbing echoes of the film, The Bourne Identity starring (2002) staring Matt Damon, in which CIA officials use a network of spy cameras to track around the world someone they thought they had assassinate. There are many Hollywood stories of things that are actually happening or that we get to see becoming real in the future, as a mind preparing subliminal message for acceptance, then again, not the right moment and place to go into details about this, do some google research about the matter for example.

This cameras operate mostly in high ranked targets for terrorism. A Texas based intelligence firm linked to Trapwire said the cameras were focused on ‘per-operational terrorist surveillance’ lurking around citizens privacy deliberated, again like monkeys in a laboratory.

There are some other stories about hidden cameras on DVRs, how your smartphone can track some other things besides GPS location, if there is any hidden intention or not in switching from analog to digital TV signals (come on, government doesn’t give things for free like they did with the converter box for no reason) and the list goes on. Some of them have been discarded for being too fictional, some of them have been proved, some others are still being investigated, but we can’t deny the fact that power, money can achieve anything and technology is at its highest, developing constantly every single day, and the end users get to see new features in electronics amazed how advance our era is, when in reality we have vast major advances that won’t be mentioned on your local news. Applied to current technology, these hidden secrets might be ahead of 40-50 years of develop, and considering how fast it has grown on the last decades those might be overwhelming advances.

So next time you pose and smile for the camera, make sure it is yours or from someone you really trust!

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