Good Guy Netflix releases new app for Windows 8 store

Posted: October 15, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Steve Ballmer proudly showed off their upcoming Windows Surface tablet running Windows 8 and showing some sort of Netflix app back in June. No words on the app development were mentioned since it was pretty obvious that there was something in the works.

On October 12, the big news and hype were around the Windows Store since the app for Metro interface was ready for download having thousands, if not million of users ready for it. One of the big accomplishments mentioned from the Netflix app developers is how they take advantage from Windows 8 capabilities to process graphics more efficiently and therefore, flawless HD playback even in low end and “fanless” processors, having less CPU power consumption. As for portable devices, it simply means more video playback on a single charge.

Then we have this good techie guy downloading the app to prove the facts stated. (I was login in on anyway when I found that out) I had 2 great (LAME) processors to test it, a Petium4(yes, single core) @2.8 ghz and a “dual core” Atom n550 @ 1.66. None of them able to play 1080p videos and barely, sometimes, with luck, playing 720p in AVI format (not even MKV).

To watch Netflix on the Pentium4 I used to uncheck the option “Allow HD” and turn the volume up and getting ready for a “plane about to crash” of a noise the fan makes processing all that. Well, fortunately I was finally able to play HD and I barely heard the fan at a reasonable speed, no sudden spikes or anything. I was amazed to hear the app does exactly as advertised in that sense. Then I went ahead and tried it on the Atom N550, thinking mostly about the video playback and not the battery savings stated because that is an impossible mission for my Dell Duo that gives me 2hrs battery average. Again, amazed with the playback, impeccable, great touch screen navigation working of course fine as well with mouse and keyboard combo. As of battery savings, unless something comes and saves the Duo battery completely nothing would really be any improvement for it, but I’m eager to try video playback and battery savings ratio on another Windows 8 portable device.

Good guy Windows 8 is coming strong. I will seriously enjoy seeing how this could be an epic market battle between Apple and Microsoft!


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