Windows 8 major update or just more amateur journalism?

Posted: October 11, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Microsoft is careful to release updates to their RTM version of Windows 8. Certainly as a “release to manufacturer” build which in other words means final build, should be already “complete” and ready for consumers as the press claims, pointing the issue at Microsoft for not finishing their operating system yet and still releasing major updates and last minute touch ups.

Well, there are 2 ways to see this:

It hasn’t been released yet!!!

Wether it is a leaked copy, a trial copy, a copy a real manufacturer is actually installing on hardware to be sold soon, they can still change and tweak and do whatever they want! you get ready for a job interview ahead of time, you have 2 hours (maybe for a man that’s too much) and you do everything from showering to finding the best tie to match your suite. Take enough time to drive and be there on time, get there and they tell you to wait and when they’re about to call you in the office for the interview, you look down and one of your shoes is a little dirty. You go to the bathroom quickly and grab some napkins or toilet paiper, wet it a little and clean it. Problem solved, go back to the lobby and they call you in for the interview. Were you ready? Yes! Did you care enough? Of course! it’s just things happens right? You still had time to solve the issue and you did it before the interview, well, same here. It’s not October 26 yet and nobody, unless for TRYING purposes is supossed to be using Windows 8 in it’s final stage so don’t complain 🙂

“We acknowledge the issues mentioned and how they affect many users, so after a compilation of different bugs and fixes we are proud to release (after several months)Windows Service Pack 1!!!”

…How many Windows veterans can recall or identify themselves with this scenario? I do, and I used to have to wait a long time for bugs and really annoying issues to be solved. Maybe Microsoft is changing the way they do things and trying to kill the issues releasing fixes in real time instead of just compiling things to be fixed a year or 2 later (like Windows 7 SP1) New Windows, new things, new features, new look, new way to release major updates? Maybe! and hope for the best to be so.

As far as I have checked, nothing have changed neither the interface, nor features included nor any bug I can recall that have been fixed. I am trying it and I haven’t had any apparent malfunction or situation with the OS or the apps, though the Windows Store app told me to download an update for Mail, Maps, Messaging and Weather all together. Went straight to check and I don’t see anything new! If it’s not a universal bug fix or a very noticeable UI change or improvement, I don’t think you should called “Major Update”, but whatever it is, this is the way to go Microsoft.


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